Monday, 11 April 2011

Final Exit

Well as some of you may have noticed I have not been that active with online AR in recent times, this is mainly because I am trying to do more real world activities over online stuff. Along with this evolution of action for myself I have decided to finally hang up the ARB & Dev Ious Boots.

I will be adding some of those activists I know and respect on my own personal FB.

Cheers to all those who have supported ARB over the years it has been a blast at times :)

Anyone wishing to use the Animal Rights Book (ARB) name for animal rights is free to do so, they can also use the ARB graphics if they want on the condition that it is always connected to the animal rights movement!

I am currently considering blogs, websites or other online work but this will be under my own name and not that of ARB or Dev Ious

ARB over and out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!