Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ARB Is Back On The Social Curcuit

ARB was approached by the administrators of the WAAR Social Network and NewAR Online with the idea of joining together onto one social network site as a dedicated online animal rights hub. I thought about it since I wasnt so sure about going back to the social network situation but thought it would be largely beneficial to both the animals and the movement, somewhere we can all concentrate our online operations in one place.

The ARB Blog will remain as will the NewAR forum. We hope you will join us at the hub and look forward to hosting some great guest chats, interviews, fun events as well as serious debates. Each site is only as good as its members and followers so really the admins can only do so much, what this online social hub will do is really up to you.

I look forward to seeing any ARB followers, past or present over there :)

Click here to check out the new hub


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Eyes Of Slaughter

Twice a week for the past few months I have driven past a local slaughterhouse, once in the morning and again in the evening. Each and every time i do pass this hell hole inside I'm screaming, for the first time the other day I seen a truck parked down the side of the house of horrors and they were unloading the sheep. I made eye contact with a few of these poor souls as they were leaving the truck and I was ill. My entire body was shaking as I wrestled with this insane situation. There were two voices in my head, one was telling me to remain calm and there was nothing I could do. The other voice was raging with anger screaming that those abused creatures needed help NOW, not when us activists manage to organise our little picket protest with our banners and posters just to be ignored by the ignorant. This is why we need more haste within the animal rights movement using Any Means Necessary. If there was an organised and structured movement capable of immediate deployment anywhere it is required then those that are suffering and need us the most would have half a chance!

In reality there simply wasnt anything I could do for those animals that day, thats the brutal truth of the matter. I'm not giving up though and fully intend action against this hell hole, its what us activists are here for and what we must do!

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Opinion Of Choice

So many times when telling someone I am vegan and why I am vegan I get the reply "well its all down to each person opinion or choice". Bollocks!!! Its nothing to do with my opinion or my choice its to do with FACT!

FACT: EVERY animal including humans wants to live a life free from suffering & abuse.

FACT: Human Beings are responsible for causing endless amounts of suffering & abuse.

FACT: Each individual has an obligation not to be part of that suffering & abuse to the best of their abilities.

FACT: If you consume meat, dairy products, use fur, use products from animal testing or play a part in the human domination of other sentient beings for financial, moral or personal gain then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

Animal Rights is not a religion or belief, its not a difference of opinion and its certainly not an optional choice its a lot more simple than that. Its a RIGHT! A right to live a life free from suffering and abuse.

Just like the confusion, hurt and pain a human child feels who has been subject to suffering and abuse each and every animal experiences similar emotions. The majority would never stand by and watch a human child experience such pain and emotion so why do some ignore the same amongst the animal kingdom? They say ignorance is bliss, I say ignorance is an illness. Just like depression or any mental dysfunction, ignorance allows us to create our very own matrix. Do you enjoy being robotic and part of the assembly line or can you take a second to WAKE UP and see the system for what it is?

You may choose to be ignorant or even express your own opinion but me, I'll stick with FACT!

Dont tell me its a difference in beliefs when I KNOW billions of animals are suffering and being abused every day. Its not a belief its a simple matter of fact versus fiction. You choose to believe in fiction and I know it to be FACT!!!!

Try opening your eyes and leave the robotic existence behind, become less of a number and more of a individual. You may be surprised at what you find but I can assure you that you will never look back!

Monday, 20 September 2010

ARB Joins NewAR

It has been a while since I have posted but I was asked to help out with the online arm of the NewAR organisation and after careful consideration I decided to go for it! I like the vision of NewAR as well as the direction it is trying to take Animal Rights, its no big secret I have said for some time now the animal rights movement needs more organisation and structure, it seems I'm not alone in this way of thinking (thanks NewAR ;)

Anyway I'll be working with NewAR for the foreseeable future and highly recommend any ARB followers to consider joining us. You can find out more about NewAR at the NewAR public open forum (remember if you join to use a nickname), I look forward to seeing some of you there!