Sunday, 31 October 2010

Peter Young guest chat on The AR Hub video Transcript

This is the video transcript for the guest chat which took place on The AR Hub on the 30th October 2010

The video comes in 5 parts

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Peter Young Guest Chat on The AR Hub

The Animal Rights activist and popular speaker for direct action, Peter Young, will be the guest for this weeks guest chat on The AR HUB.

You can find out more about Peter on his wikipedia entry

...Or the Voice Of The Voiceless website

The main 11pm time displayed is UK time, for a more local time either see the list of times below or check the World Clock

Just enter the date in the converter as 30th October 2010 and the time as 23/11 pm. choose "UK/London" as the from time and then choose your local area as the To Time Zone. Hit convert and you will have your local time for the guest chat :)

Brief List of Global Guest Chat Times

Australia (Sydney): 9am 31st October
Australia (Perth): 6am 31st October
Australia (Darwin): 7:30am 31st October
Canada (Halifax): 7pm 30th October
Canada (Toronto): 6pm 30th October
Canada (Winnipeg): 5pm 30th October
China (Beijing): 6am 31st October
Denmark (Copenhagen): 12am 31st October
France (Paris): 12am 31st October
Germany (Berlin): 12am 31st October
Ireland (Dublin): 11pm 30th October
Italy (Rome): 12am 31st October
Japan (Tokyo): 7am 31st October
New Zealand (Wellington): 11am 31st October
Russia (Moscow): 2am 31st October
Spain (Madrid): 12am 31st October
USA (Boston): 6pm 30th October
USA (Washington DC): 6pm 30th October
USA (Chicago): 5pm 30th October
USA (Denver): 4pm 30th October
USA (Los Angeles): 3pm 30th October
UK (London): 11pm 30th October

We fully expect an interesting and intriguing guest chat with Peter and hope you can all make it :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vegans against PETA

I just seen this logo plastered all over facebook by the twilight zone admin Carolyn Bailey linked to a blog post from the Gary Francione wannabe Dan Cudahy. If it wasnt so serious and sad this would be absolutely hilarious, another of the online hermits attempts to divide and conquer! I'm no psychic but I could easily predict this group of self obsessed idiots will soon be starting a new campaign called "Vegans against Vegans" but then again arent they already active in this? We all know they spend their time speaking out against every action by activists that they deem inappropriate under the false pretence its bad for the movement! They claim ownership of an animal rights movement which in many ways clashes with their so called belief system.

Yes these people are a small minority of invaders to the REAL movement and in reality we shouldnt worry about which part of AR they are campaigning against now but at the same time I have always said there are potentially excellent activists out there being fed this bullshit and buying into it. PETA isnt perfect and a long shot short of being the organisation we would all like to see them be but isnt there much more important targets to be concentrating our energy on?

Soon we will see the twilight zone and its insane admins joining forces with the People Eat Tasty Animals idiots in their unbalanced attempts to bring down or discredit PETA

There are enough anti PETA groups out there without the vegans who hate vegans getting in on the act. I say these people are a disgrace not only to the movement they claim to be a part of but the animals they claim to be here for, can they really get any lower?

Thankfully the real AR movement continues great work while these fools play with their distractions on the sidelines and the majority of AR activists are dedicated to the animals. My advice to anyone new to the movement is to avoid these people like the plague and stay focused on what's important. The animals need us more than ever and bashing other orgs or groups who are primarily on the same side is as much use top the animals as vivisection is to human health!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Shaz Kelly AR Hub Interview

Interview With Shaz Kelly

Shaz Kelly is the founder and administrator of the Avalon Guinea Pig rescue based in Nottingham, England.

Q1) Hi Shaz, thanks for taking part in this AR Hub interview. Can you please start by telling us about yourself?

Shaz: Hi ,well I run a guinea pig rescue in Nottingham with several unpaid staff. I work normally 4 hours per day and the rest of the time is devoted to looking after the guinea pigs here at the rescue.

Q2) How did you come to start working with Guinea Pigs in the first place and then start your own rescue dedicated to guinea pigs?

Shaz: I started by having 2 of my own which were mis-sexed by the pet shop,the female then had babies which we kept as pets then we decided there are way too many guinea pigs out there unwanted and looking for homes,sadly there aren't many guinea pig rescues around
so we thought the best thing to do was to pay out and get lots of hutches and cages and advertise ourselves as a place where people could bring their animals that they had no time for rather than just dumping them,which sadly people still do

Q3) You have a commendable spirit which can only serve to help the guinea pigs :) How long has the rescue been in operation and what is the maximum number of guinea pigs you can hold at
any one time?

Shaz: Thank you, well we started about 5 years ago but became " official " 3 years ago ( with our own website etc) the maximum number we can have here at any one time would
be around 150-170 guinea pigs, that's using part of the house to put indoor cages etc in as well as the hutches in the garden and shed.

Q4) With such experience you must have experienced dreadful situations but also fulfilling moments of joy. Can you give us an example of your worst and best experience during your time as a rescue?

Shaz: The worst experience was from an old man that breeds rabbits and guinea pigs,2 boys he gave us were covered in huge deep wounds on their backs,the wounds oozed infection so they were taken to a vet,after 5 weeks of treatment they sadly both died as the infection had eaten through the holes into their lungs and killed them,the vet said that the boys had been left like that for weeks before got them for them to be that bad,it was heartbreaking to lose the little guys as they had such lovely personalities and despite being pulled about having their wounds treated day after day they didn't complain the best experience was a little girl we called Sweetpea,left to die ( by the same breeder) on a shed floor after giving birth to 6 dead babies,24 hours later she was laying on her side bleeding and couldn't stand up,we brought her home and after 5 weeks of massage on her legs,bathing her wounds ( holes underneath where rats had chewed at her) and helping her walk again she was re-homed. there was also a boy piggy we called Alf,brought to us by the RSPCA,he had been dumped on a common in a pile of shavings,his skin from head to toe was thick and crusty and split where he had tried to turn his neck,his eyes were closed due to infection,people thought he was some kinda of hedgehog and didn't recognise him as a guinea pig,we bathed his sore skin with soothing gel and managed to " peel off " the old crusty skin,which left him with no hair all over,we put drops in his eyes and continued with the soothing gel,after 4 weeks his hair started growing back and he put on 500gms in weight,he was placed with a baby boy guinea pig and both were re-homed a fortnight ago. There are times I have shed so many tears over the state of some of the piggies we have had come in,and still they keep coming in.

Q5) Many will remember the online campaign called "Old Father Hubbard" which was mainly brought into the open by yourself. This was where an elderly gentleman who lives locally to you was responsible for creating a hell on earth within his property. An avid breeder of many small
animals and obsessed with profit over life the animals in his care where living in horrendous conditions. Can you give us an update on this situation?

Shaz: Sadly its still going on,as far as we know he was banned from selling from his house,but thanks to 2 girls who went undercover he sold them 2 rabbits,they had been there a week or 2 previous and got a bun out that's constantly being treated by the vets,according to the girls the animals living conditions are worse than before,there was a petition sent out for people to sign but instead of it going to where it should have it mistakenly got sent to him, he now has the names and addresses of people who signed that petition and is going to those peoples houses posting threatening letters through peoples doors,the letters state the people are going to get hurt unless the campaign against him is dropped,the Police are involved as the letters are being taken to them..but while all that is going on he is -still- selling them at the Melton Auction and also buying them from the auction too, i dread to think of the cold and hunger the animals at his place are still suffering in this cold weather,it seems to be going on

Q6) Sounds very frustrating, hopefully things will get better soon. Please keep us updated! Running a rescue can be emotionally draining, how do you manage to keep it together in times of stress?

Shaz: Its extremely frustrating and as you hopefully it will get sorted soon. Sometimes I just sit down and have a good cry, I think the only way I keep it together is by thinking of those guinea pigs that need us and that if it wasn't for us most of them would probably be dead by now, I do lay awake some nights thinking about them, the little creatures get me through so much bad stuff, other times I go to the York Air Museum and chill out with the guys that work
on the Victor Bomber ( I am part of the Victor Bomber Crew up there) that takes my mind slightly off the bad things, but they're always there in the back of my mind no matter what I do, listening to some Pink Floyd helps a lot too ( as daft as that may sound)
I don't do holidays anymore as too much time is taken up with the rescue,last time I went away to Berlin,a pet sitter looked after the piggies..or should I say " should have " looked after, but sadly we came back and she hadn't done her job properly and due to not putting hay and clean water in when they needed it ( it was mid October) we lost 30 in 3 weeks,2 of them were our first piggies that we had so now I don't bother really going away anymore.

Q7) Sorry to hear that Shaz, losing a companion can be horrific especially when you work so hard to make sure they have a comfortable life! To change the subject a little :) Vegan/vegetarian diets are one of the biggest talking points of the animal rights movement, are you either vegan or
vegetarian and if so when & why did you make that change?

Shaz: I'm now Vegetarian,it changed me when i went to the Melton cattle auctions and saw how the cows and sheep etc are treated down there, all crammed into lorries,beaten with sticks and basically looking sick and ill next door to the auction is the slaughterhouse and there's a certain part where cattle are sent straight into there, queueing up to die..,also what changed me funnily enough is when we stayed at a pig farm in Wales a few years ago,and I saw how the babies were born etc and then the farmer described which ones were going for slaughter. animals deserve a go at life as much as we do,the conditions where animals are
kept before slaughter are deplorable,and I have always said if it has nerves it has feelings, every animal deserves a right to live

Q8) First of all excellent work in having a vegetarian diet, we at The AR Hub are supportive of ALL measures which help the animals no matter how big or small. How have you found the vegetarian diet and what is your favourite vegetarian meal?

Shaz: It takes some getting used to but there wasn't a lot of meat I like anyway
my favourite food is actually Waldorf Salad, I could eat it by the ton !
and Goats Cheese and Honey Ravioli, anything with salad.

Q9) Do you see yourself working towards a vegan diet or do you feel the vegetarian diet is sufficient?

Shaz: I think the vegetarian diet is sufficient for now, I don't think I can go fully vegan yet, I love my goats cheese and salads etc

Q10) While The AR Hub would recommend the vegan diet we would never alienate anyone who is vegetarian. The road to veganism is a stepping stone procedure and as long as your on that road that is the main thing :) Your involved with some online activism, how has your experience been with interacting with other activists online?

Shaz: Its been great, there are some really nice and very helpful people, and so very friendly, it certainly opens your eyes to what goes on behind closed doors.

Q11) Care to elaborate?

Shaz: Any problems or questions that I have had regarding the campaign we're doing against that certain person I actually feel like I have got backing for once rather than us trying to struggle through alone, and that everyone are like minded regarding animals rather than " oh its just an animal "

Q12) Glad your finding it so helpful. Before we wrap up this interview I just wanted to ask about funding. It can be hard financially running a rescue, how do you deal with this aspect of it?

Shaz: We really struggle big time, we had to pay out of our own money to set it all up, we had a large grant from a pet superstore but that went nowhere, we haven't even made enough yet to cover everything we paid out in the beginning. We make appeals for hay and food etc but hardly get anything in return. The only money that's made is through donations when one of the guinea pigs is re-homed and now more people are giving them up its costing more each week, it costs around £150 every 3 weeks for food, most pet food suppliers when they're emailed and asked for anything they can donate don't reply or if they do they don't seem interested, its all about what money they make and don't seem to want to help
rescues. The hutches that were bought with the grant after a year are already
leaking, the company who made them has we think gone bust so we're desperately needing
to put new roofs on the outside hutches before winter comes, most of the time it feels like no one wants to know and these animals rely on us.

Q13) Shaz maybe you could give us your website address as well as details on how to make donations?

Shaz: Ok well the website address is

our address is on there and there is also a paypal address

there are stories and pictures on there about some of the guinea pigs we have
had come into the rescue,some sad but some with good endings

Thanks Shaz its very much appreciated. While that concludes the main interview we would like to have a little quick fire round where you choose one of 2 options :)

1) PETA or ALF

Shaz: not sure

2) Facebook or twitter

Shaz: Facebook

3) Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace

Shaz: sea Shepherd

4) War or Peace

Shaz: Peace

5) More or Less

Shaz: More

6) Winter or Summer

Shaz: Summer

7) Book or television

Shaz: book

8) Love or Hate

Shaz: Love

9) Single or Married

Shaz: single

10) Black or White

Shaz: white

The AR Hub would like to thank Shaz for taking part in this interview

Please visit the Avalon Guinea Pig rescue website and if you can make a donation

Would you like to be interviewed by The AR Hub? Would you like to suggest someone else for an interview? contact Dev ious with details :)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The AR Hub is holding a guest chat in just under 7 hours time with the lifetime activist and author Keith Mann

Find out more about Keith here or from his website From Dusk Till Dawn

Here is a brief list of global times for the chat

Australia (Sydney): 9am 24th October
Australia (Perth): 6am 24th October
Australia (Darwin): 7:30am 24th October
Canada (Halifax): 7pm 23rd October
Canada (Toronto): 6pm 23rd October
Canada (Winnipeg): 5pm 23rd October
China (Beijing): 6am 24th October
Denmark (Copenhagen): 12am 24th October
France (Paris): 12am 24th October
Germany (Berlin): 12am 24th October
Ireland (Dublin): 11pm 23rd October
Italy (Rome): 12am 24th October
Japan (Tokyo): 7am 24th October
New Zealand (Wellington): 11am 24th October
Russia (Moscow): 2am 24th October
Spain (Madrid): 12am 24th October
USA (Boston): 6pm 23rd October
USA (Washington DC): 6pm 23rd October
USA (Chicago): 5pm 23rd October
USA (Denver): 4pm 23rd October
USA (Los Angeles): 3pm 23rd October
UK (London): 11pm 23rd October

To find a more local time use the World Clock Converter

While the hub are not asking members to pre-register any questions we do expect members who attend the chat to have respect for our guest and other members. If you would like to ask Keith a question either wait for a break in chat or send a private message to our admin Lorna who will be moderating the chat. You can of course also register your interest in asking a question at any time before the chat begins by sending a message to Lorna.

ARB had Keith as out guest when the ARB Social Network was up an running, it was a very interesting and entertaining night, I am looking forward to enjoying another guest chat with Keith Mann.

To take part in the guest chat just go to the AR Hub network

If you have problems signing in or joining the network email us at

Saturday, 9 October 2010

If Only AR Were A Religion

I have always said that if the animal rights movement were a religion we would receive more respect. By that I meant respect from the wider world not the actual activists within the movement. Now I say not only would we receive more respect from outsiders but we would also receive more dedication from within the movement. I look at the muslim religion with both fear and envy, the followers of this religion are so dedicated to their cause they are willing to give their lives. Can the same be said for the animal rights movement? Does it take the promise of countless virgins in paradise or the guarantee of a place in heaven to demand that dedication?

We can learn a lot from religious movements with their dedication and unity. A muslim women can claim discrimination against an employer simply for not being allowed to wear their burka, should we not also be allowed to claim such discrimination when our colleagues devour their meat filled lunches? Should we not also be discriminated against when our local restaurant advertises its availability of Halal meat? Are we not discriminated against by the McDonalds or KFC adverts flashed across our televisions daily? Of course we are! There is only one difference from the AR movement and the many religious movements out there and that is they have more determination and organisation than us!

All that separates our needs from theirs is a historic book. if the Koran or Bible said eating meat was a sin would we be seeing muslims suicide bombing slaughter houses and christians picketing the fur farms? I have no doubt this would be a reality!

What makes the situation worse is there is no proof for the existence of god, alah, Jesus or Mohammed other than a book written thousands of years ago. AR has the advantage of fact on its side, the facts of AR are there to see for anyone willing to open their eyes or minds! The great injustice against the animal kingdom by human beings has not only existed longer than any of these historic books but STILL exists today!

We need the same determination and unity from our very own activists. Liberation is a reality and if we want it we can have it we just need to work hard enough to get it, together, united and organised!

The Witness

I saw this video on Facebook

And it caught my imagination. I then followed the link to the full documentary and I'm glad I did :)

It has given me the major kick up the arse I was badly needing. After returning to the online world of AR I have quickly become downhearted by the usual BS infighting which plagues the online side of the movement. Watching this guy and listening to his simple equation of what is required of all us activists has given me a refreshing drive.

This mans struggle to get the truth out there not only brought me to tears but has again recharged my batteries and I'm ready to get going again :)

I recommend this doc to anyone who is questioning whether we are making a difference

Watch the full thing here

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Internet Hermits Who Crave A Divided Movement

After a lengthy break from the online side of the movement I recently decided to go back to it on a part time basis. My reason for having a break in the first place was I was becoming disillusioned by those I call the dividers, a group of internet hermits who have decided for reasons only known to themselves to dedicate their entire waking lives to online activity. Activity which includes the determined attempt to divide the animal rights movement and make a mockery of any activist or operation which disagrees with their theory. That theory being the sole use of education within animal rights and any other method of action being deemed not only unacceptable but extremely damaging to the movement. It probably wouldn't be so bad if they actually did go out there and do some education but their refusal to leave their blogs or websites for even the shortest of time hinders their ability to practice what they preach. Normally I wouldn't care less how fake activists such as this spend their time, its their lives after all but the endless stalking and aggressiveness from such divisive hermits made me rethink my online activity. I'm glad I chose to have a break since I managed to get out there and do a lot more ground work which is really what I am all about.

The internet is a great tool for recruitment and educational purposes but due to the highly divisive nature of certain individuals online who constantly try to hijack the online AR movement it is sadly becoming a frustrating and embarrassing method of activism. Recently since I have become involved with the AR Hub network it has come under attack from dividers such as Carolyn Bailey, Roger (Rabbit) Yates and the other administrators of the other single method network. They constantly try to brainwash the online community that other site or blog admins who are not part of their little yes sir no sir group are all for nothing but violence within the movement. This is complete and utter rubbish and if anyone buys this bullshit then they also need to have a look in the mirror. The philosophy I support and promote is the Any Means Necessary philosophy, this of course means that I fully support ALL methods of action as long as they are beneficial to both the movement and the animals. What the dividers always fail to mention is that I am fully supportive of educational and diplomatic methods of action just as much as I am supportive of any forceful methods of action. Before anyone listens to the silly attention seeking accusations from these people I suggest they do a little research first, its not difficult to find out what other online activists support and dont support.

Another act of complete and obvious division circulated by these egotistic and self righteous trolls is the portrayal that the heart and actions of any activist can be weighed by their IQ is nothing but absurd. On many occasions they have tried to ridicule other activists intelligence and bluntly state they can't possibly call themselves AR activists since they are unaware of a certain persons written philosophical work or read it in full detail. Since when did these fakes decide who was or was not part of the AR movement, who made them judge & jury?

Take this ridiculous exchange of views for example
(since first posting this link Carolyn Bailey has heavily edited the comments on her wall by deleting 90% of her own comments and one of my replies, it now doesnt make much sense)

Or this ill informed blog post from Mr Rabbit himself
(Since first posting this link Roger Rabbit decided to delete the entire blog post & comments with it only to re-post it again without the comments of course)

This is my response to that blog post from Yates (scroll down to the comments)

Also a small note on the activists who have given their time to Bailey's site as guests only to be abused and attacked afterwards, Pete Buthane & Anthony Marr amongst others! It is no secret that Bailey & Yates want you on there so that they can make you look like a fool. I have to ask myself why good activists freely provide their services to this site for them to be shamefully ridiculed and insulted. Mr Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd is their next target, for a site and administration which openly and directly insults the Sea Shepherd organisation as well as Paul himself its nothing short of a waste of an opportunity and a disgrace to hard working activists out there doing something real! Something these hermits know nothing about.

Those who know me from the days of ARB and MahKah will know Bailey and her band of merry fools have given me a rough ride in the past for no reason other than I was administrator of ARB. This involved the release of my personal telephone number to the internet and the harassment of ARB/MahKah members. This stopped once I closed ARB (note: I didnt close ARB because of them ;) but has once again raised its ugly head as I venture into a new network.

Before they spread more bullshit let me reassure you this is not a post centred on jealousy or a means of discrediting another site. I'm not interested in competition within the AR movement, I have always fully supported a united movement working together in the hope of achieving liberation for our animal friends which is why I get frustrated when dividers like this are so dedicated in keeping it divided.

I just wanted to make sure any ARB followers and Hub members knew the situation. Now lets get on with the REAL work :) hats off to all the true activists out there who are fighting the real fight and making a true difference for our long suffering friends!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pete Bethune Hub Guest Chat Review

Yesterday on the AR Social Hub we were lucky enough to have as our guest Mr Pete Bethune, the captain of the Ady Gil sea vessel which was sank by a Japanese whaling ship during a Sea Shepherd Campaign early 2010. he then single handedly boarded the Japanese whaling ship responsible for the attack on the Ady Gil which led to his arrest and trial by the Japanese authorities. now he is back and proving himself as a worthy speaker and campaigner for a number of issues including Animal Rights. before the chat I had heard from a certain group who had entertained Pete as a guest on their site that he was a hypocritical meat eater out to make a quick buck off the back of his sudden fame within the environmental and AR communities. To be entirely honest I would not have asked Pete to be a guest on the hub so soon after he had been a guest on another site. However pete had been invited before by the WAAR administration and I fully respected that.

The guest chat with Pete didnt get off to the best of starts since due to a misunderstanding about times Pete was late coming onto the Hub. As always with these open chats (no predetermined questions) it was a little chaotic at the beginning but once things had settled down hub members asked Pete some excellent questions and I have to say he gave respectable answers.

There were questions about his time in Japanese custody to which Pete told us the Japanese were excellent hosts and very friendly, all apart from a sergeant who was a little rough with him. Then came a question about whether or not there would be an Ady Gil 2, Pete explained the problem of the costs of such an undertaking for Sea Shepherd but he was unsure at the present time whether this would be possible. he did say SS were trying to secure another ship to the value of $1 million at the moment. Then the issue of Pete's dietary lifestyle came into play, he was asked to comment on how he could be so emotionally attached to the plight of other living beings when he himself is not vegetarian or vegan. At first I have to admit his answer surprised me, he stated he had only eaten meat twice since his liberation from Japan. There was a definite silence in the hub chat after this and I am pretty sure most activists in there where thinking the same thing. How could Pete say this as if it were a good thing, how could such a prominent figure in the world of AR have such views. Pete then continued to explain that he was trying very hard to lead a full vegetarian lifestyle which would eventually lead to a fully vegan diet for him. I am sure there were still mixed emotions about this in the chat but for me if its a case of encourage or depress I always think it best to encourage. Pete said he was trying to be honest with us and I must admit I admired his bravery to come into a dedicated animal rights site like the hub and yet still announce his struggle with his dietary lifestyle. As I said in the chat yesterday I fully believe veganism to be a stepping stone journey which has to be given encouragement throughout the journey by those who have made that journey, to ridicule or repel such travellers only serves to alienate possible vegans from completing that journey.

Before I knew it we were well over the hour mark and although Pete was willing to hang around an unfortunate incident occurred with other activists (not loyal members of the hub) who decided to make the situation difficult.

Overall the guest chat with Pete Bethune was highly interesting and I am glad I was able to attend. I found Pete to be both an admirable and honest person who I hope makes that journey to veganism to enhance his AR activism. Thanks to Pete for being the Hubs guest and to the members for making it a remember-able guest chat.

As the hubs first guest chat I look forward to more :)