Saturday, 31 July 2010

Who REALLY Runs Facebook?

Here's an interesting video detailing how Facebook's privacy policy is..... Well they don't really have one. Everything on Facebook is fair game to the highest bidder and there are plenty of scary bidders out there taking advantage!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Armed Resistance Is On Its Way

Many of you will know I am a huge supporter of Any Means Necessary when it comes to the animal rights movement. This covers every option available to us from informing people about what REALLY happens in the real world, educating and teaching to armed resistance, no holds barred attacking. Well I just wanted to talk a little more about my vision regarding the armed resistance animal rights so badly needs. For years the animal rights movement has been a moral driven movement which has held a strict unwritten code of conduct stating that no other living being should be harmed during the movements activities. While I agree this would be such a beautiful road to walk on I have to face reality and realise its not really getting us anywhere fast! Yes we have achieved amazing things in our history, mainly getting animal rights into peoples faces but we're constantly hitting brick walls at every turn. Now I say lets try something new, something radical, something desperate. Those we speak and fight for cannot wait any longer, they need us more than ever and I for one hear their screams every time I see pictures like these:

Of course most of you will have seen these pictures before and have been equally outraged as me but its clear to me that whatever we're doing isnt working fast enough. We then have to ask ourselves what can we do that would have an immediate impact, we have to answer that question with another. What will make people think? Yes the pictures, videos and educational operations are working but in a limited and slow capacity. We need something which has an immediate impact on the world and in my opinion that is an armed resistance. A resistance that lets every animal abuser worldwide know that they will face the consequences of their actions in the most severe way. Its time to step off our moral pedestal and face the enemy on level ground, show them we will no longer allow this holocaust to continue.

Many time when I speak to other activists about an armed resistance I get the same response, "we can't allow violence to tarnish our movement" Humans are animals too so we cant possibly hurt another human" "we would just be as bad as the abusers if we used violence" and so many more. I just cannot accept this way of thinking as a realistic movement, all our enemies know is violence, all they respect is violence and I say its time they were shown some respect!

There is also the issue that we may all be locked away in padded cells as soon as the authorities get wind of our resistance but I firmly believe with dedication, organisation and structure we could mount an underground resistance capable of instilling fear into the abusers. As much as I love the ALF and what it has achieved I now see the ALF as an excellent stepping stone and we must now move onto the next step and organised and structured movement which also includes a respected leadership. Don't worry I'm not putting myself forward as I would rather be on the front line but if we are to be organised and structured then we must have good leadership. This I admit is the stumbling block to an armed resistance since power hungry misguided activists could become an issue but with a little thought and understanding we could manage to overcome this!

An Armed Resistance within animal rights IS coming its just a matter of time, sadly that is exactly what the animal kingdom doesnt have is time.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gay Couple Buy Daughter Custom Mink Coat

I was reading about a gay couple who had spent a fortune on creating their own little family which is fair enough but then I also read that they bought their 10 year old daughter a custom made mink coat, saying to the 10 year old girl "I don't care who throws paint on you". Should these guys actually be in charge of children? Me thinks not! Here is the article in full.
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Couple with children

The family in My Weird and Wonderful Family (Channel 4) took a bit of getting my head around. They're more of an unclear family than a nuclear one. So there are gay dads Tony and Barrie. That's easy enough. And they have three kids – Saffron, Aspen and Orlando. Fine. The complicated bit is how these children came about, and I was quite relieved that even the kids themselves seem a bit muddled about it. Saffron says she's Aspen's twin sister, and the evidence certainly points that way – they came out of the same woman, at around about the same time.

They didn't get in there in the traditional way, though, as she wasn't their mum, but a surrogate. Their biological mother was an egg donor, chosen for her looks and her brain; one of them was fathered by Tony, and the other by Barrie. I don't think the kids have been told who's whose (we're not, anyway). To all of them, Tony is Dad and Barrie is Daddy, or possibly it's the other way around. What does that make Saffron and Aspen? Half-twins?

It gets more complicated. Because Aspen's egg split, and one half was put on ice, to be used later. So Aspen and Orlando are actually identical twins, even though Aspen is four years older. Orlando will always know what he's going to look like in four years' time: when he looks at his older brother, he is kind of looking into his own future. Freaky. Orlando says that if it hadn't been for Tony and Barrie, then he would have been a crocodile, but I don't think that's right. The three kids cost £250,000 to make.

With me so far? Good, because it gets better, or worse, depending on how you view all this. Three kids is so last year, now Tony and Barrie want more – another couple of half-twins, but with a different donor. This time they're going on looks alone, and have picked out a 6ft catwalk model from the biological mum catalogue. No one's allowed to know who she is, because it's just easier that way.

Saffron wants sisters, but she's out of luck: they both turn out to be male. By my calculations, one will be her half-brother, and the other won't be related to her at all, as they will have no common parents. But that's looking at it in a very narrow-minded, old-fashioned kind of way.

There is a small scare: one of the foetuses is showing a higher than normal risk of developing Down's syndrome. There is always the possibility of putting it up for adoption if it doesn't come out right, says Barrie. They're fine, though – two beautiful boys, Jasper and Dallas. Probably best to keep the receipts just in case. How long is the guarantee on a baby, I wonder? Now they can be brought back home to Essex (the baby-making takes place in California, where it's legal), one big happy family.

Well, there are a few little problems. Like the kids getting teased at school. And other parents complaining that Barrie has hijacked the school pantomime to showcase his own thespian talents as the Fairy Godmother. And Eamonn Holmes on breakfast television suggesting that what they're doing isn't natural. And the fact that pretty much everyone else in the country agrees with him.

Certainly some of their queeny behaviour, Barrie's especially, doesn't help. Like asking the kids who they prefer, him or Tony, Dad or Daddy. And getting Saffron a specially made mink coat for her 10th birthday, and declaring: "I don't care who throws paint on you." That's not really going to help.

(The Mink: From Farm To 10 year Old Girls Coat)

I'll leave all that to people who know right from wrong: outraged Daily Mail readers, God botherers, anxious liberals, people who have no problem at all with it. And you: let the debate begin.

As television, it's fabulous – one minute jaw-dropping, the next strangely touching. Daisy Asquith's film looks great, too; I like her trick of shooting them against a white background, like those photoshoots families do. She doesn't judge; her style is gently probing rather than confrontational. She gains their trust, and they give her – and us – what we want. The kids, too, because that's who we really want to hear from. They're certainly spoilt, precocious perhaps, and there is a touch of the Outnumbered monsters about them. Some of what they say sounds like it could have come straight from Barrie or Tony. Of course, it does – they're the parents, that's where language comes from. But they're nice. Normal even. Whatever normal is.

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Canadian Parliament Eats Seal In Defiance

Canadian parliamentarians tucked into a meal of seal meat on Wednesday to defy both animal right activists and the European Union, which has banned imports of seal products.

Some two dozen guests, surrounded on all sides by media, crammed into a small room off the main parliamentary restaurant to hear speeches backing the annual hunt off Canada's East Coast, which the EU says is inhumane.

"This support begins on the plates of Canadians," said federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea as she prepared to eat three small medallions of double-smoked bacon-wrapped seal loin in a port reduction.

The EU imposed its ban last year after a decades-long fight by what Shea called "misguided and mean-spirited" anti-seal-hunt activists. The seals are either shot or hit over the head with a spiked club called a hakapik, which critics say is cruel.

All of Canada's major political parties say they are in favor of the hunt, which takes place on ice floes in March and April.

"The Europeans simply don't know what they're talking about. Since time began human beings have lived with animals and they have culled animals," said Michael Ignatieff, leader of the main opposition Liberal Party.

He spoke at an earlier reception where waiters passed through the room carrying platters of seal terrine snacks. Ignatieff ate several for the benefit of photographers.

"It tastes delicious, actually. It's a meaty taste, a little gamy," he declared.

The meal was arranged by Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, who said the hunt provided income for fishing communities in the Atlantic.

"We're sending a message to the European parliamentarians ... we want to say something so that opponents do not take to the floor with lies," she told reporters.

The EU ban has slashed demand for seal furs, meat and oil. Poor weather conditions and a lack of ice mean this year's hunt could be scrapped.

Contact Gail Shea (above) & Tell her what you think of the seal hunts:

Contact the idiot above (Michael Ignatieff) and let him know what you think of him

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Confused Much???

I remember when I first got myself involved with the online animal rights movement which is deeply rooted more in on facebook than anywhere else as far as I am concerned. Having created and administered the ARB social network no one can deny any other AR forum or network would love to have the attention of all those facebook AR activists, in fact as I have said many times one of the reasons I started ARB was to try and unite the online AR movement onto one site. Many people seen ARB as a success but not me, to me it failed. Maybe the goal was too far or the dream was just that, a dream but in the end ARB wasnt heading in the direction it should have been.

I look at the current online movement and there is little difference to the online community I joined nearly 2 years ago. I struggle to comprehend why we cant embrace a united and organised movement on or offline. Those of you who know me will be sighing deeply right now and saying "here he goes again about the united & organised AR" but there's no need to worry because I have finally realised its not going to happen. That realisation doesnt stop me from being confused. There have been a lot of opportunities for the online AR community to embrace a united and organised AR such as ARB, NIO, Mahkah, the ALF forums and even animal rights zone if it would open its doors a little wider (which it does seem to be doing these days). Yet some people are so hung up on facebook its scary. I understand people like to stick with whats familiar but every now and then it would help to take a walk on the other side and TRY something new!