Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vegans against PETA

I just seen this logo plastered all over facebook by the twilight zone admin Carolyn Bailey linked to a blog post from the Gary Francione wannabe Dan Cudahy. If it wasnt so serious and sad this would be absolutely hilarious, another of the online hermits attempts to divide and conquer! I'm no psychic but I could easily predict this group of self obsessed idiots will soon be starting a new campaign called "Vegans against Vegans" but then again arent they already active in this? We all know they spend their time speaking out against every action by activists that they deem inappropriate under the false pretence its bad for the movement! They claim ownership of an animal rights movement which in many ways clashes with their so called belief system.

Yes these people are a small minority of invaders to the REAL movement and in reality we shouldnt worry about which part of AR they are campaigning against now but at the same time I have always said there are potentially excellent activists out there being fed this bullshit and buying into it. PETA isnt perfect and a long shot short of being the organisation we would all like to see them be but isnt there much more important targets to be concentrating our energy on?

Soon we will see the twilight zone and its insane admins joining forces with the People Eat Tasty Animals idiots in their unbalanced attempts to bring down or discredit PETA

There are enough anti PETA groups out there without the vegans who hate vegans getting in on the act. I say these people are a disgrace not only to the movement they claim to be a part of but the animals they claim to be here for, can they really get any lower?

Thankfully the real AR movement continues great work while these fools play with their distractions on the sidelines and the majority of AR activists are dedicated to the animals. My advice to anyone new to the movement is to avoid these people like the plague and stay focused on what's important. The animals need us more than ever and bashing other orgs or groups who are primarily on the same side is as much use top the animals as vivisection is to human health!


  1. They are always targeting a group or someone that is fighting for the same cause. The AR Zone can't seem to stand anyone that does not do things 100% their way, so much time is being wasted because of this :(
    I am not a "fan" of PETA either but they do bring a lot of awareness, education and action to the movement and just because I don't care for all of their approaches does not mean I would attempt to stop them (except in lowering their kill rate)...

  2. I know this is an old post, but I still want to react. Avoiding to comment on the demagogy you produced, I want to say that PETA targets and sabotages the work of other animal rights groups, but that is apparently ok only if PETA does it, right ? PETA advocates vivisectors (look at their alliance with L'Oreal), PETA is inconsistent (plenty of their campaigns are ok with usage of pieces on animals while protesting usage of other parts of animals, that really gives a lot of credibility) and makes no change in the long-term (quite hard to do if you turn AR into products for commercial usage). When the battle is won, folks from PETA would have to find something else to do, so it's not in their interest to win the battle. PETA worries only about their status and reputation they gained through AR not animals, who is fool now ? I'm fed up by all you pathetic people who want to stay needful at any cost and hide behind animal rights.

  3. PETA targets and sabotages the work of other animal rights groups? what is this comment based upon exactly?
    PETA are considered a terrorist organisation by the US government as well as having been found to be funding the illegal activities of certain AR organisations/activists. So to say they are actively sabotaging AR work please tell me which groups/orgs you think they are targeting?

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