Saturday, 30 October 2010

Peter Young Guest Chat on The AR Hub

The Animal Rights activist and popular speaker for direct action, Peter Young, will be the guest for this weeks guest chat on The AR HUB.

You can find out more about Peter on his wikipedia entry

...Or the Voice Of The Voiceless website

The main 11pm time displayed is UK time, for a more local time either see the list of times below or check the World Clock

Just enter the date in the converter as 30th October 2010 and the time as 23/11 pm. choose "UK/London" as the from time and then choose your local area as the To Time Zone. Hit convert and you will have your local time for the guest chat :)

Brief List of Global Guest Chat Times

Australia (Sydney): 9am 31st October
Australia (Perth): 6am 31st October
Australia (Darwin): 7:30am 31st October
Canada (Halifax): 7pm 30th October
Canada (Toronto): 6pm 30th October
Canada (Winnipeg): 5pm 30th October
China (Beijing): 6am 31st October
Denmark (Copenhagen): 12am 31st October
France (Paris): 12am 31st October
Germany (Berlin): 12am 31st October
Ireland (Dublin): 11pm 30th October
Italy (Rome): 12am 31st October
Japan (Tokyo): 7am 31st October
New Zealand (Wellington): 11am 31st October
Russia (Moscow): 2am 31st October
Spain (Madrid): 12am 31st October
USA (Boston): 6pm 30th October
USA (Washington DC): 6pm 30th October
USA (Chicago): 5pm 30th October
USA (Denver): 4pm 30th October
USA (Los Angeles): 3pm 30th October
UK (London): 11pm 30th October

We fully expect an interesting and intriguing guest chat with Peter and hope you can all make it :)

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